Friday, March 28, 2008

If You Plan to Bake = Get Ingredients Delivered

My husband and I decided to save money and ensure we would have 100% organic baked goods at our dessert receptions by baking the desserts ourselves. We started about two weeks out with things that could easily be frozen and baked about one thing a day. It was a much bigger project than I imagined (you will be amazed at how many last minute details pop up that need to be dealt with RIGHT THEN and will suck your time away). The thing that made it doable was the fact that we were able to get many of the organic ingredients (apples,dried cranberries, milk, butter, bananas, carrots, etc.) delivered. We did one big shop at Whole Foods and then the supplemental Peapod order that saved the day.

Although not available in all parts of the country - I highly recommend using Peapod or a similar delivery service - like Fresh Direct - the week before your wedding, even if you are not doing the cooking. They also offer organic yoghurt, cereal, eggs and other staples.

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