Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding Co-op = Brilliant

And now for a small excerpt from my book:

I don’t know who thought of the wedding co-op first, but it was immortalized in the “Offbeat Bride,” by Ariel Meadow Stallings and I love the idea. In a wedding co-op like-minded brides pool their resources to buy generic items that can be reused at each of their weddings. Participating in a wedding co-op (no matter how informal) decreases your costs and your ecological footprint in one fell swoop. It is probably easiest to do a co-op if you are getting married the same year as a number of your friends, but with the Internet, you can establish or join one in almost any community. Good co-op items include glasses, vases, folding chairs, tablecloths and napkins. When the last wedding is over, the co-op can resell the stuff and split the money evenly. You can also use the co-op to save on labor expenses if all of the brides pitch in and help set-up/break-down each others’ weddings. Genius I tell you – genius.

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