Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do NOTHING new - and be careful!

Here are ten things you should not do the week before your wedding (collected from real life tragedies):

1. Try a new food (hello allergic reaction)
2. Wax anything you have never waxed before (bumpy red irritated skin... and itching)
3. Cook in the middle of the night (hello second degree burns - on my face!)
4. Overeat (it is a tight white dress after all)
5. Starve (it can be a loose white dress if you are not careful - and you can faint)
6. Do anythings too sporty (although the cast is white too - it just doesn't look so good with the dress)
7. Try new makeup (see number 1 and number 3)
8. Get a hair cut from a new beautician (I think this one is a no brainer)
9. Stay awake and worry (no makeup can hide truly dark circles)
10. Forget that it is just a party (down Brideziila! - down girl!).

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