Saturday, July 19, 2008

Be Yourself

Photo by Heidi Huber / California

Photo by Antonis Giannelis / Greece

I found these photographs on Divine Caroline as part of their photo contest "More Wedding Photos We'll All Remember." (Definitely worth looking through the entire collection!). I wanted to share them because I think they illustrate an important point - you may be dressed up, you may be surrounded by everyone you ever knew, but you will still be you and your spouse will still be your spouse so DON'T WORRY! Try to relax, enjoy your special day and remember that it is just a big party. Have fun and let your personalities shine. Don't sweat the small stuff. If something goes wrong, just fix it. If you forget your line, smile and ask the officiant to repeat it (or look at your hand). If your cake falls over in transit, have a friend run out and buy your favorite childhood snacks for everyone. Your wedding may not be perfect. Life isn't perfect. You two can weather any storm - that is why you are getting married!


Do you need help planning your finances? said...

Brides are very nervous about their looks on the wedding day.Your article is very encouraging for them.

An Atlanta Bride said...

Cute photos!!