Friday, July 25, 2008

Kids and Cameras Don't Mix

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Patricia wrote in sharing an important wedding lesson - if you plan to have cameras for guests to use - don't let the kids do all the picture taking!

"Children should be supervised in using the cameras or else they take pictures that you can not use. It is hard in a wedding situation as everyone is having a good time and not really paying attention to what the children are doing or the amount of photos they are taking. We had 2-3 cameras [full of pictures taken by kids] that seemed a little wasteful."

So that kids can still get involved, she suggests couples "just single out 1 camera just for the kids" and put an adult in charge of making sure they each get a turn.

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Mrs. in May said...

This is interesting, I was thinking about having iflip video cameras and giving them to the kids- maybe I have to rethink that. One of the things I was planning on doing was a photo scavenger hunt for the kids. Its less for the photos and more about giving them something to do and focus on.