Thursday, May 29, 2008

DIY flowers

Kassie and Andy bought flowers from a local flower farm. But Kassie said,"we underestimated the amount of work it would be to set them up - thank God one of our neighbors turned out to have been a florist in a past life!"

My mother did the flowers for my wedding as well and reported the same thing. In fact, she ended up enrolling my grandmother and cousin to help her set up the flowers on the chuppah and lots of friends had to help out with the rehearsal dinner and reception set up. I think the experience is best depicted with the picture I have of my mother literally pulling her hair out (which I cannot show here out of respect to her).

So what is the lesson? Enroll EXTRA help if you plan to do your own flowers. You can always let your friends head back to change early and you will not leave anyone pulling their hair.


Do you need help planning your finances? said...

Doing your own flowers is quiet difficult but interesting.

Anonymous said...

*please* don't do your own flowers! Let your friends and family enjoy your special day ~ stress free ~ It might seem romantic to have your family/friends set them up ~ but please...don't ~

That is what florists are for! Trust me!


Local Color Flowers said...

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