Thursday, October 16, 2008

Skeptical Guests

Tara Wrote:
Having an eco-wedding in Houston is interesting because it is a new concept in our city so skepticism is normal but there was quite a bit of support from our guests. Overall, the reaction from our guests was positive, but we did receive some laughs and jokes along the way. I attribute that to people being scared of change.

Kate's Comment:
My husband Barry and I experienced this too - and we live in the North East. I think certain members of my family expected to show up and be forced to eat granola for three days and dance barefoot under the moon. While there was some granola, and lots of dancing, they were surprised and delighted to see that a green wedding can be (and often is) just like a traditional wedding in every way but one - it has less impact on the environment. I am glad to hear everyone rallied behind you on this special day!

Image: Spokesman Review Blog

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