Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hire a Good Wedding Planner

Tara and Michael wrote:
If anyone is considering having an eco-wedding, the most important suggestion I have is hiring an eco-event planner. An eco-event planner is there to serve you, but they are also there to protect and serve the environment. On Green Lily’s Events website, they sum it up very well when they say: “We believe that making responsible choices in the early stages of event planning can minimize waste and create a lighter footprint. Our mission is to create unique, eco-chic events that balance style with sustainability.” My wedding would not have been the same with the help of Green Lily Events.

Kate's comments:
Hiring a green wedding planer can take a lot of the pressure off you and can also expose you to new ideas and resources. Contact the Association of Bridal Consultants and ask for green event planners in your area.

Tara and Michael wrote:

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Anne said...

Wow, so nice to see that the eco communities is so engaged. Having a eco planner to steer you day is a great way to be sure you are being environmentally friendly!

Thanks for the great tip,